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Something about myself

Nothing interesting, I promise.

  1. Undergraduate of NJUPT, major in computer science.

  2. I am interested in following terms:

    • Complexity and NP-Complete
    • Programming Language Theory and Types Theory
    • Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Study
    • Linguistic and Hermeneutics
    • Mythology and Legends
    • Middle-Century History

    And I am focus on following terms:

    • SICP Learning
    • Compilers
    • Online Judge Development(NOJ)
    • Game AI based on Reinforcement Study
  3. Former OIer and now I wanna to quit from ACM competitions, to prepare for CTF(Capture the Flag).

  4. Fake Literature and Otaku amateur, Hate (Love) Kyoto Animation.

  5. Influenced by Heidegger and Kant.

  6. Communications:


If you wish to take me as friends, mail to me please.


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