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Something about myself

Nothing interesting, I promise.

  1. Undergraduate of NJUPT, major in computer science.

  2. I am interested in following terms:

    • Complexity and NP-Complete
    • Programming Language Theory and Types Theory
    • Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning
    • Linguistic and Hermeneutics
    • Mythology and Legends
    • Middle-Century History

    And I am focus on following terms:

    • Software Foundations
    • Type System
    • PT Site Development(SOPT)
    • Game AI based on Reinforcement Learning
  3. Former OIer, ICPCer, preparing for regional contests in Shenyang.

  4. Fake Literature and Otaku amateur, Hate (Love) Kyoto Animation.

  5. Influenced by Heidegger and Kant.

  6. Communications:


If you wish to take me as a friend, mail to me please.


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